Chris Prout

Chris trained at Swansea school of art studying technical illustration and graphics and has been involved in the creative industry for over 30 years.

Without doubt he is a skilled draughtsman but has always enjoyed using a broad brush to express himself. With extensive experience of working as an architectural illustrator / visualiser and benefitting from national and international clients, Chris enjoyed a professional career in illustration and cross pollinating his skills working in publishing, design and property. For the past decade he has been painting bold expressive ‘lifescapes’, where land, sea and architecture feature or whatever really catches his attention.

Working from his home studio in rural Northamptonshire, Chris’s award winning paintings are rich in colour, texture and are representational or semi abstract in nature. He very much enjoys being out of doors, walking the soaring and atmospheric coastal footpaths of Wales and the gentle hills of the Midlands, Norfolk and Derbyshire. These experienced impressions energize his imagination and frequently appear in his work. His paintings are regularly on show in London, Cardiff, Rowsley, Dartmouth, Holt and are enjoyed within private collections worldwide.

With notable success and praise, Chris has developed a distinctive and original approach to his work. Whether he works on canvas, paper or wood panel he chooses to build and present and his own artworks with his distinctive hand finished framing. This complemenatry approach in turn offers the viewer a unique, immersive and bespoke experience of his painterly works for you to enjoy.

Morning Mist Rising - Northamptonshire

20 x 20cm

Acrylic on Panel

£600  SOLD

Recent Snow - Northamptonshire

30 x 30cm (plus frame)

Acrylic on Canvas

£1100 SOLD

September Blooms - Warkton

40 x 40cm

Acrylic on Canvas

£1400   SOLD

Ford in Afternoon Light - Geddington

40 x 40cm

Acrylic on Canvas

£1400 SOLD

The Brook and Bridge - Grafton Underwood

50 x 50cm

Acrylic on Canvas

£1800   SOLD

Cold Spring - Grafton Underwood

76 x 50cm

Acrylic on Canvas

£2400   SOLD